Jesse Hisco | Melbourne Wedding Photographer


Made by Hand

butterland – victoria – australia

A major source of inspiration behind this collaborative shoot came from our deep appreciation for handcrafted arts

There is something to be said for going bespoke. In a world of mass production, the opportunity to meet the maker of your goods has a unique appeal. Having everything handmade by local artisans became elemental for this shoot!

Another source of inspiration came from our support for same sex marriage rights in Australia and around the globe.  Love is love!

Styling – Georgeous Occasion
Bespoke Footwear + Braces – Wootten
Bespoke Suits + Tie + Bow Tie – FT Russell & Co
Flowers – Katie Marx 
Glasses – Bailey Nelson
Handmade Pottery – Shelley Panton
Location and Furniture – Butterland
Models – Peter + Matthew

Published – Hello May Issue #3