Jesse Hisco | Melbourne Wedding Photographer


The Felesky Family – Portrait Session

Rocky Mountains – Canmore – Canada

The last couple of months has been pretty special for me. I’m constantly reminded that I have one of the best jobs on the planet. In just 2 short months I’ve managed to travel 37,500 km around the globe to photograph 3 weddings, 2 engagement sessions, a wedding editorial, 4 portrait sessions, 2 fashion editorials and even squeezed in a wedding fair. With all that crazy going down, I’ve little time to board the blog train. 

Tomorrow morning we fly out again, this time for the Gold Coast! To document one of our all-time favourite people in the world tying the knot. So to tie you over while I’m away this week, I thought I’d share with ya’ll a few frames from The Felesky Families portrait session. Shot recently in one of the most beautiful Rocky Mountain towns, Canmore. I first had the pleasure of photographing Rebecca and her two (beyond cute) little girls Sophia and Anna late last year when I was in Canada for another wedding. This year Wade aka Dad was also able to join in for round 2 of the family portrait session. Wade and Rebecca whatever your secret to parenting is: write it down, print it out and publish it! You only have to see your little girls interact together for 5 minutes to know there’s a lot of love in their lives, thanks to you. Take a few minutes to checkout these cheeky monkeys picking flowers, telling jokes, catching lady bugs and conquering monkey bars.