Jesse Hisco | Melbourne Wedding Photographer


Living A Mountain Life

Banff National Park – Canada

There’s something special about the energy in the mountains. It’s hard to describe and impossible to dismiss a vibe this strong. It’s as if they have the ability to encourage you to zoom out and think about your big picture. Some people find this confronting while others find comfort in the freedom to think. I’ve been lucky enough to call a lot of pretty rad places home, although none I miss more than my years living in the Rockies. These mountains changed me, pushed me to go big and taught me to live with more purpose. 

A while back I had the pleasure of hopping a plane to work with Sydney based lifestyle outfitters The Academy Brand in one the most mind blowing environments on the planet, Banff National Park, Canada. My aim was to create an authentic collection of images that embrace everything great about living a mountain life. A massive, massive thanks to local talent Jessie O for bringing your adventurous spirit and infectious smile along for the day. Your attitude and passion towards the preservation and conservation of our earth is not only refreshing, it’s inspiring.